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Military Family Assistance Fund

Military FamilyMFA was established in 2005 to help members of Louisiana National Guard and Louisiana Military Reserves and their families address financial hardships they may encounter when they are placed on active-duty status. MFA can pay for a variety of items for those who qualify, such as food, housing, medical expenses, auto repair, and more.

MFA is funded by private donations from individuals and corporations. All donations are tax deductible. MFA can pay up to $10,000 for one claim per active-duty order in a twelve (12) month period.

Minimum qualifications include:

  • Guardsmen and Reservists must have been placed on active-duty status
    for more than thirty (30) consecutive days since September 11, 2001.
  • Immediate family members of eligible military personnel may
    apply on behalf of their loved one.
  • Completed applications must be accompanied by supporting documentation 
    and must be filed no later than six (6) months after returning from active-duty.

To download the full MFA application, click MFA Application or fill out the abbreviated application below and click save and an MFA Administrator will contact you directly for more information.

MFA Application

Veteran's Information

First Name
Last Name
Relationship To Service Member
Email Address
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Home Phone  -   - 
Work Phone  -   - 
Rank of Service Member
Branch Of Service
Entered Active Duty
Does applicant have a personal or business relationship with any employees of the Louisiana Department of Veteran Affairs?

Pre-deployment Employment

Job Title


Number of Children in Household
Special Needs


Please explain the amount needed, why you need assistance, and provide a list of other sources such as insurance and military programs to which you have applied.